Application Instructions

Dear Applicants and Future Members, Thank you for your interest in joining Airway Philippines. To begin your journey with us, please read our application insutrctions carefully to avoid rejections. Failure to comply or noncompliant will result to member application termination.

send message

Send us a message. To begin with your application, send a message to our Facebook Page and state your intentions. One of our admins will keep in touch with you. You may visit our Facebook Page by searching "Airway Philippines Virtual Airline" on the search bar or you may click this link.



Fill in Application Form. After messaging us, you may receive an application form; please fill it out correctly and honestly. Any false information or dishonesty provided will result in application rejection.



Briefing, Orientation, and Setting. If your application form has been accepted, a scheduled orientation will be set based on both parties' availability or the date agreed upon by both parties.

more information


Further Instructions. Further Instructions will be provided during or after step 3.

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