Airway Philippines Virtual Airline is a virtual airline based in the Philippines catering to multiple flight simulator platforms. Airway Philippines Virtual Airline support, train, and aims to connect flight simmers, aspiring pilots, and aviation enthusiasts not only in the Philippines, but all over the world.

Why Us?


Training and Development

Airway Philippines ensures all members are well accommodated. We take time to listen and personally be in touch with our virtual pilots, no one gets left behind. In partnership with Vatstar, we aim to provide the best support and training to virtual pilots from P1 to P4.


Advanced Weather Forecasting System

Realtime and precise ATIS for airports as well as advanced weather information accessible to virtual pilots for the best virtual flight experience.



Simbrief and Vatsim API integration. No need to jump from website to website. Flight planning and Vatsim flight plan submission all integrated.


Scheduling and Dispatch

Flight assignment, request a flight, and weekly flight dispatch. Submit your flight report or ATC report and earn APA flight or ATC hours. Destination achievements and APA rank promotion based on hours.

Online Pilots

Callsign Aircraft Route

Airway Philippines is a Virtual Airline. We are not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by any real world airlines. All trademarks and logos used in this website and other documents are licensed under Airway Philippines.

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